There is a range of accessories and spare parts for your ChloriDos system.

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Chloridos Accessories

Whatever your individual requirements we can supply a bespoke system with our range of accessories and keep you operational with our spare parts.


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ChloriDos System Accessories
Product Description
Chemical storange tanks and bunds. Available in the following sizes.
2050 50 Litre Day Tank (nat) (425dia x 500)
2050-B 50 Litre Day Tank BLACK
2051 100 Litre Day Tank (nat) (495dia x 700)
2051-B 100 Litre Day Tank BLACK
2052 200 Litre Day Tank (nat) (635dia x 785)
2052-B 200 Litre Day Tank BLACK
2053 500 Litre Day Tank (nat) (815dia x 1100)
2053-B 500 Litre Day Tank BLACK
2057 300 Litre Day Tank (nat) (660dia x 1075)
2057-B 300 Litre Day Tank BLACK
3019 60 Ltr HDPE Bund Tank (nat) (585dia x 335)
3020 114 Litre Bund Tank BLACK (686dia x 533)
3021 227 Litre Bund Day Tank BLACK (838dia x 610)
BD500 550 Litre Bund Day Tank BLUE (1130dia x 680)
Rainskirt bunded chemical storage tanks. Supplied with integral valve inside covered bund and 1/2" PVC Connection
3-330BT 330 Litre (750 X 1250)
3-550BT 550 Litre (1000 X 1250)
Section Assemblies  
531-0101-10000 DN4 suction assembly with float switch
531-0121 DN4 rigid suction line with float switch
Injection Lance for tank recirculation installs Flange face to mount to tank, side holes at delivery end to prevent bloackages
9-12LANCE 1.5m 1/2" PVC connection. Class 7 PVC pipe.
Injection Valve for rising mains installs  
9-12INJ Lockable Praher valve 1/2" PVC connection
Circulation Booster Pumps  
CHN2-20 0.37kW Grundfoss Boost Pump 230Vac
CRN1S-2 0.37kW Grundfoss vertical multistage pump 230Vac 316ss/viton
Tank Float Switches Float switches available with one or two switches (Hi/Low) cut to length on order
9-FSA1 Float switch assembly (uPVC/PP/Hypalon) single switch (cut to length)
9-FSA2 Float switch assembly (uPVC/PP/Hypalon) double switch (cut to length)
10" Filter Bowl Kits  
19-G0228 10" inline filter bowl kit DN8 connections
42-SED1005 5 micron x 10" polyspun cartridge 20 micron x 10" polyspun filter cartridge
42-ORING O-ring, fits 10" filter housing
42-1012H Filter housing (clear bowl & lid), 1/2" connections
42-BKT-HD Heavy Duty PVC bracket
42-HS Housing lid bracket screw ss
525-3174 Pressure Loading valve used on all ChloriDos reactor types
CDS-SG Sight Glass Assembly used on ChloriDos Lite & Advance for visual verification of generation. Sample isolation valve used on ChloriDos Advance and Analyser Upgrade sample cell. Flow Switch used on ChloriDos Mini.
10.7400-361 Reactor check valves used on all reactor types PVDF (white)
10.7400-326 Reactor check valves used on all reactor types PVDF
52.264 PTFE Orings DN8 used on all versions of ChloriDos on pressure loading valves
314-605 Reference Probe used on ChloriDos Advance & Analyser Upgrade
553-1561 Gold Measuring Electrode used on ChloriDos Advance & Analyser sample cell.
Photmeter Test Kits Tests include pH, Free & total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, aluminium complete with liquid reagents & tablets
HydroQuant 601 6in1 test kit, also includes calcium hardness and total alkalinity tests
HydroQuant 501 5in1 test kit, also includes cyanuric acid tests
Gas Detection for leaking Chlorine Dioxide gas Remote stop for ChloriDos equipment if gas is detected
307-2000-1 Gas detector. Accurate to 0.01 ppm.
14-GAPE Gas alarm panel
14-GARE Gas alarm panel
T MAC remote monitoring and DATA logger  
14-TMAC-MINI MINI t-Mac allows for up to 8-inputs to be monitored over the internet with data or alarm conditions collected and stored locally then periodically uploaded to a central internet database for storage. MINI t-mac enables the user to view the live and historic readings taken from the unit and sent (via the internet) to it's secure web page. MINI t-mac issues reports to the web page and sends SMS or email messages to dedicated personnel when a pre-defined parameter has been breached. IP65 enclosure.

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